15 October 2016
G7 Announces Fundamental Elements of Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector
Increasing in sophistication, frequency, and persistence, cyber risks are growing more dangerous and diverse
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05 October 2016
Expanding online cooperation for instant response to cybercrime is a main strategy for cyber police of I.R of Iran
Vice president of cyber police of I.R of Iran said: “Today, regarding to the globalization phenomenon and international aspects of cybercrime
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01 October 2016
National Police Week 2016
Police of I.R of Iran has the duty to save, promote and provide financial, life and honor order and safety and public calmness of citizens.
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02 October 2016
INTERPOL-Europol cybercrime conference closes with onus on multi-stakeholder cooperation
SINGAPORE - The INTERPOL-Europol cybercrime conference has closed with a firm resolve to enhance multi-stakeholder cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.
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22 September 2016
4th INTERPOL-Europol Cybercrime Conference
28 - 30 September 2016, Singapore
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In the area of prevention, we have produced and published animations to raise public awareness. The INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) is a cutting-edge research and development facility for the identification of crimes and criminals, innovative training, operational support and partnerships. You can find all websites of police around the world by clicking on the picture. I.R of Iran cyber police was established in 2011 on the base of internal and international standards in order to prevent, track and to combat against cybercrime. Turn Back Crime is a global public awareness campaign that highlights the dangers of organized crime and the impact on our day-to-day lives.