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13 December 2016

2nd specialized conference on cybercrime efficient investigation jointly held by the judiciary (Attorney General) of I.R of Iran and cyber police of I.R of Iran

The chief of cyber police of I.R of Iran Brigadier General Seyyed Kamal Hadianfar said, “Today, cyber space has been substantially developed in the world, and all aspects of human life such as politics, economic, social, education, culture, science, … are associated to it, and consequently cybercrime has become developed and complicated. Providing security of cyber space for users is necessary so that they could accomplish their activities in the cyber space with peace of mind. Police and judiciary system have the duty to fight against professional cyber criminals specially who violate users’ privacy policy. Currently, cyber police of I.R of Iran - which has started it’s activity since 2009 – has stations in all provinces and also cities with populations more than 200,000 to address and combat cybercrime. According to Computer Crime Act, the judiciary of I.R of Iran has also appointed a department of Attorney General named “Cyber Space Affairs” in all provinces in Iran and centers of Attorney General so that this department could appoint specific judges, interrogators and inspectors to address and combat cybercrime. Therefore, it was necessary to establish a uniformity of modus operandi and common literature between the judiciary system and cyber police to fight against cybercrime, and cyber police of I.R of Iran has been performing this important task by holding two conferences on cybercrime efficient investigation.”

The below mentioned officials participated in this conference which was held on 6, 7 December 2016:
-    Attorney General
-    National Police Chief
-    Cyber Police Chief
-    Cyber space affairs deputy of attorney general
-    Attorney deputies of provinces in the area of cyber space
-    Judges and interrogators in the area of combating cybercrime
-    Cyber police deputies of provinces participated in this conference

During these 2 days, judiciary officials held scientific and technical judicial workshops for cyber police officials in the area of the crime digital evidence liability according to international standards and cyber police of I.R of Iran held technical and specialized workshops for Judiciary officials in the area of cybercrime especially economic cybercrime.

Finally, all participants requested to continue holding such fruitful conferences and specialized workshops in order to achieve a common literature and uniformity of modus operandi.




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