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12 May 2018

The necessity of mastery and sharing information of countries in combating cybercrime

According to the report of police news, brigadier general Hossein Ashtari in the margin 6th Eurasian Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Unit in the population of newsman declared: today this meeting has begun by hosting I.R. of Iran and will be continued in Tehran with presence of 17 countries and Interpol organization in Tehran for 3 days.

We hope that in this meeting we achieve the purposes that were predicted before and in line with identifying criminals and combating cybercrimes by coordinating member countries we can do worthy actions, He added.

Sharing the information of member countries, investigation of cybercrimes, cooperation and countries interaction and etc. are part of the purposes of this meeting. Chief of law enforcement continued.

Today many complicated crimes occur in cyber space that if stakeholder authorities and cyber police of countries don’t have efficient control on this space we will be witness of many damages and losses. The most supreme law enforcement official declared.

Thanks be to God, cyber police of I.R. of Iran has done many favorable actions regarding combatting cybercrime till now. So that in previous year discoveries of this police has increased in this area. Brigadier general Ashtari reminded.

Hope that these meetings cause the strength of our mastery in this space and combatting crimes, specially terrorist groups and not to let cyber criminals achieve their purposes. He reminded.

Unfortunately we are witness that networks and narcotic bands misuse this space and its needed that in this area member countries share their information. Brigadier general Ashtari continued.

Law enforcement of I.R. of Iran in the area of combating cybercrimes has a good cooperation with other countries and organizations, but unfortunately we face with lower cooperation of other organizations with us, He declared.

Chief of law enforcement, regarding the virtual currencies at last said: surely in this area there are limitations and it’s necessary that people have necessary protection regarding this issue.

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