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20 October 2020

Scam Under pretenses of Adidas Anniversary Celebration


Cyber Police Information Center said: "These days, we are witnessing various advertisements regarding Adidas's birthday party and offering some of the company's products at low and even free prices.

Also stated that the platform for publishing such messages is social networks like Telegram and WhatsApp messengers, adding: "All these messages and advertisements are fake and no goods will be donated to the users and customers of this company." Therefore, compatriots should be more careful about these messages.

 A Cyber Police Expert mentioned phishing as the most important method of fraud in this regard and said: "Cyber criminals try to deceive users and steal their bank information by sending fake links."

Police also said: "These fake sites are quite similar to the main page and even have a box as a dynamic password entry point." Therefore, it is necessary for compatriots to be vigilant in this regard and pay attention to the fact that all valid banking portals end up in the domain /

Cyber police spokesman said: Cyber police is ready to respond to citizens 24 hours a day; Therefore, in case of any suspicious cases, users should contact us by referring to the Cyber Emergency Center section of the Cyber Police website at

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