Basic Steps of Cyber Security

Your partner, your colleague, your family, your relatives, grandfathers or your grandmothers might have started using computer and internet recently. They may not be as clever as you think and they are prone to become a victim of online fraud and cyber-attacks. They need a little guidance from your side. Your words should include the following items:

1.      Viruses, spywares and hackers

If you want to find the definitions of these terms you can simply find them through an online search or in specific encyclopedias.

2.      Dangers of identity theft and phishing

Phishing: criminal faking of a website or a personal email or company or a legal organization in order to steal the password and bank account number. It is a good idea that you use the online services but you have to make sure you take care of your transactions and bills and check them permanently.


3.      Importance of being cautious while downloading free items: remind those you care that everything has a price even if they are free. Then warn them:  if they downloaded the software, they would probably encounter the spams or spywares.