In the Name of God


As you know information technology and communication have made essential changes all over the world; thus human interactions, social relations, their economics, political and cultural lifestyles have been influenced. In the age of communication we are observing birth and evolution of different types of activities such as information, data manipulation, service, management, control and communications which are being done through the mechanisms of electronic and cyber world. There is a misconception that this world is a virtual one, but it should be noted that the cyber world is a real world in which many crimes are being done with real operations. People around the world are exposed to different harms, including the threat of destruction, falsification and diversion, capture and removal, disclosure and withdrawal and other crimes.    

Although great changes have been made in this realm, unfortunately criminals have used and misused this world a lot. We all know that the mentality of criminals is not altered in the last 2000 years but their means and tools are changed; crimes have not transformed but they are transferred. It should be stressed that the cyber criminals are more dangerous that the real-world criminals, for they use technology as a weapon.

Apparently Cyber Police uses the same technology as well, in order to beat and destroy enemies and criminals and tries to fight them and sends them to the hands of justice to guarantee the security of cyberspace. It goes without saying that the importance of international cooperation among police forces in the world without any political and judicial biases has to be taken into consideration. We hope for a more secure and safer cyberspace and a world free of any criminal behavior.

Chief of Cyber Police of Iran