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10 July 2017

Benefiting 190 member countries from the experiences of cyber police of I.R of Iran

Interpol Secretary General visited cyber police of Islamic Republic of Iran and also expressed that Interpol will expand its cooperation with cyber police of I.R of Iran and told that 190 member countries could benefit the experiences of this police and cyber police of I.R of Iran would lead Interpol programs.

Interpol secretary general, Mr. Jürgen Stock visited this police and talked with the chief of cyber police of I.R of Iran, Brigadier General Seyed Kamal Hadianfar.

I was impressed from the capabilities of cyber police of Iran for the technology available for conducting investigations in the cyber space, said Interpol secretary general, Mr. Jürgen Stock.

Collecting evidence in the cyber space and more important, the experts who are running these different systems and applying the technology. I think this is an impressive combination and the experts having the capabilities and technology they need to conduct their important work, he added.

He continued: “And I’m also impressed by the specific focus on raising awareness in the public, specifically addressing the youth in our society and your society of course, and also the elderly people to help prevent these crimes. And of course we know that the citizens and the companies and also public sector can do a lot to prevent cybercrime from happening.”

So finally, I’m very grateful for the excellent cooperation we have established since many many years, specifically the cooperation between the cyber police of Iran and our Interpol global complex for innovation and we have many ideas and have had very good discussions on strengthening this excellent cooperation. So that means that not only the general secretariat of Interpol is benefiting, but many of our 190 member countries can benefit the experience of the cyber police of Iran and I wish the cyber police of Iran have success in the future in the important fight against cybercrime, he added.

He finally added: “The cyber police of Iran is one of those member countries leading our efforts, the hosting many of our Interpol conferences and expert meetings, the cyber experts of the cyber police in Iran participate in Interpol meetings and one of the experts of cyber police of Iran is the part of an international team at the Interpol global complex for innovation, so the cyber police of Iran is open to share the experience with other countries in the Interpol community. The cyber police of Iran helps other countries in developing the capabilities they need and the police provides the innovation we need to successfully combat cybercrime in the future. As the secretary general of Interpol, I’m very thankful and very grateful for the support and the leadership the cyber police of Iran provides.”




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