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27 July 2017

Tehran Meeting on Preventing and Combatting Cybercrime 26, 27 July 2017

Cyber Police of Islamic Republic of Iran held a meeting in Tehran on preventing and combatting cybercrime in partnership with UNODC in the I.R of Iran on 26 , 27 July 2017 in order to combat efficiently cybercrime and developing national, regional and international cooperation, said Colonel Hosein Ramezani, the Head of International and Legal Affairs of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran.


The issues discussed were categorized in four topics:
-    Activities of terrorist groups on cyber platform and respective anti-terrorism cyber measures
-    Deep and Dark Web components
-    Investigation and Cyber Forensic
-    International cooperation and joint operations

There were representatives from the most of national organizations and entities working in the area of providing security for cyber space in this meeting in order to discuss and exchange their ideas about challenges and solutions of fighting against cybercrime. The above mentions organizations such as Attorney General, Ministry of ICT, National Center for cyberspace, Central Bank, Judiciary, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice and so on participated in the meeting.

It is worth mentioning that speakers form UNODC, South Korea, CERT of Romania, etc. participated in this meeting.





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