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22 October 2017

Serious partnership of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran (FATA) in Implementing PANGEA X international operation

Brigadier General Seyyed Kamal Hadianfar, the chief of cyber police of Islamic Republic of Iran said: “PANGEA X international operation has been done by the partnership of police all over the world and dozens of offenders were arrested, thousands of illicit and counterfeit drugs worth $ 51 million were seized.”

Operation PANGEA is done annually by police around the world and is aimed to prevent online selling of illicit, counterfeit and non-standard drugs, he said, this year, operation PANGEA X has done by the partnership of 123 countries and cyber police of I.R of Iran had a serious operational partnership in it.

Indicating online selling of illicit, counterfeit and non-standard drugs as one of the important crimes in the world, he said: “thus The plan on combating counterfeit and illicit drugs has been in place since 2008 coordinated by INTERPOL in the form of PANGEA operation, and the PANGEA X was done by the participation of 123 Interpol member countries, including cyber police of I.R of Iran in order to combat selling counterfeit and illegal drugs in cyberspace.”

According to Brigadier General Hadianfar, the goal of operation PANGEA is to seize counterfeit and illicit products, taking down their websites, preventing their illegal business, rising awareness of dangers pertaining to buying and using pharmaceutical and medical products from illegal websites, detecting manufacturers and distributers of counterfeit and illicit pharmaceutical products and detecting criminal networks active in this field and also expanding international cooperation regarding to combat online selling of illicit and counterfeit drugs, because selling counterfeit and corrupted drugs on internet directly compromises the health of people of community.

The chief of cyber police told about international aspects of this operation and said: “the major part of this operation was to focus on selling drugs through internet that led to the shut down of 3500 websites active in selling and advertising fake and illegal pharmaceutical materials. 715000 pharmaceutical packs all over the world was checked that led to the arresting 400 people in the world and seizure of illegal and illicit drugs worth 51$ million.”

Cyber police of I.R of Iran (FATA) along with police of other countries took part in this international operation and investigated 122 websites, more than 380000 items of drugs and medical equipment were seized and 120 people were identified, arrested and handed over to judicial authorities, he continued.

According to him, the Rial value of fake and illegal medical equipment discovered by the FATA Police were over 26 billion Rials.

Alert to citizens

Brigadier General Hadianfar alerted countrymen and said: “The drug production and supply cycle in all countries of the world is handled with great delicacy by the Ministry of Health and other related organizations. In our country, any supply of medicine and advertising and its sale through the Internet is illegal at this time.”

Given that community health is important to all service providers, including FATA police, we encourage people to get their pharmaceutical requirements from legally authorized sources such as pharmacies and authorized stores for the supply of medical equipment, since Profitable and opportunistic people only think about their financial interests and they are not concerned about the health of the buyers of these products, he continued.

Therefore, cyber police of I.R of Iran is ready to receive reports and cooperation from dear compatriots through, he finally said.


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