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29 November 2017

Regional Workshop on"Preventing and combating Emerging Cyber Crimes" 28 - 29 November 2017, Tehran - I.R of Iran

The Chief of International and Legal Affairs Department in Cyber Police of I.R of Iran, Colonel Hosein Ramezani said on the beginning of this workshop that cyber police of I.R of Iran is hosting this meeting in order to support and develop regional cooperation to combat cybercrime.
In this 2 day workshop, officials and authorities from police and law enforcement from Iran, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also UNODC and also Director General of the Legal Department of Foreign Affairs participate in this workshop, he continued.
The Cyber Police Chief of I.R of Iran, Brigadier General Seyed Kamal Hadiyanfar explained about the effects of cyber space on human life In the beginning of the event and said: “The conflict of domestic law in countries in one of the most important obstacles in investigating transnational cybercrime. There are also some other challenges like Deep Web and Dark Web, internet of things, virtual currencies and cloud environment that should be taken into notice.”
He pointed to the main solutions of combating cybercrime in the international level and emphasized: “A coherent global legal system should be established by UN by the aproval of countries to combat cybercrime.”
He also emphasized on developing bilateral, regional and international cooperation with the support of INTERPOL and UNODC and said: “Countries all over the world should do their best to provide cyber security through standard infrastructures. Countries should be more active in the field of cybercrime.”
Director General of the Legal Department of Foreign Affairs, Hosein Panahi Azar said: “The existence of law to combat cybercrime and the activity of the cyber police of I.R of Iran is showing Iran's determination to deal with cybercrime.”
By establishing a specialized committee of members of related organizations, the State Department has provided all-round support for cybersecurity, he continued.
At the end of the first day, The Cyber Police Chief of I.R of Iran appreciated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for the efforts to hold the workshop.


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