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13 May 2018

Providing cyberspace security is the challenge of all countries

According to police news, Brigadier General Seyed Kamal Hadianfar said in the 6th Eurasian Working Group Meeting on Cybercrime for Heads of Units: “It is dare to say that this meeting is one of the most important international events of Interpol in the area of cyberspace security because the main decision makers of this area participated here and this is a great opportunity for Asian and European police.”

Now we see that more than 4.2 billion people in the world are cyberspace users and human life experiences problems without internet and even sometimes gets disturbing, he continued.

Today, providing cyberspace security is a challenge for all countries in the world and all governments are investing for that, he continued.

Valid international organizations predict that cybercrimes and cyber attacks and information theft will cost about 2 trillion dollars for global economy and smart devices and their services will play an important role in generating information, Brigadier General Hadianfar said.

Every technology creates not only opportunities, but also threats and costs because scientists believe that every technology needs a period of 10 to 15 years to be completed and in this period criminal will misuse the technology, he said.

It is worth to be noted that the information and communication technology is the source of all crimes and due to this, providing cyberspace security has got importance and all countries should get together and take great steps without political issues.


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