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13 May 2018

Countries interactions has an important role in prevention and combatting cyber threats

According to the report of newsman of police news station, brigadier general Ashtari in the 6th Eurasian Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Units declared: Iran is a wide country, four season and is on the most historical countries in the world which include old culture with Islamic and Iranian customs and with its kind people is also following human excellence and nations friendship.

Iranian police is supplying security for people in earth, sea, air and cyber space in 6000 kilometers earth boundary and 700 kilometers water border with 1029 cities and therefore in this regard presented 13000 martyrs, he added.

Iran is one of the members of Eco organization founder, non-alignment movement, Islamic conference organization and OPEC so that it shows our country active movements in international area, Chief of law enforcement declared.

Most of government and private institutions plan and implement their different services on the base of this space, the supreme law enforcement official has emphasized.

According to this, supplying the cyber security is the main challenge of all countries in the world, today the concept of security is integrated, it means countries needs to international participation in  order to supply cyber security and all police in the world should have their best cooperation by using international capacities like Interpol, UNODC and private sectors should have their best cooperation, brigadier general Ashtari added.

Off course Interpol organization also properly have done a great step in combatting cybercrime and helping member countries by establishing the IGCI, and this complex have done proper actions in this regard, he reminded.

Terrorist attacks to the infrastructures of countries led to the threaten of  international peace and security that in this regard combatting these threats is one of the important purposes of IGCI, chief of law enforcement declared.

These meetings and information sharing and countries cooperation have an important role in preventing and combatting with such threats, he reminded.

Activities and development of organized criminal groups in cyber space and criminal exploiting of terrorist groups in cyber space are most important threats that are effecting cyber space now, chief of law enforcement declared.

Cybercrimes surely are the most important type of crime which needs international reaction, he reminded.

In the past decades in order to combat cross border organized crime such as narcotics and human trafficking actions have been done through international agreements, brigadier general Ashtari declared.

Cybercrimes have confronted world with a lot of security challenges and this issue is as a result of exploiting cyber space and new and complicated technologies by terrorists and international criminals, the supreme law enforcement official has emphasized.

In my idea in order to supply cyber security and efficient combating with its crimes all countries should first reach to a common concept and literary in this area. Heads of Combatting cybercrimes units with the can have an efficient role for police of countries to reach to this importance, he said.

Today we are witness of terrorist attacks in the world, especially in our region and the countries located in west Asia and current situation have provided many opportunities for terrorist groups misuse, brigadier general Ashtari emphasized.

Since our country is one of the victims of such terrorist attacks, it’s unfortunate to say that some of these attacks are implemented in a smart way and managed by countries that have infrastructures and information banks and also servers of virtual networks, chief of law enforcement declared.

We could combat these crimes by the assistance of our elite youth, tools and domestic instruments and technology and we are prepare to share our knowledge with the world community, brigadier general Ashtari declared.

According to the change of the shape of crime and cyber-attacks, it’s necessary that all countries faster implement and follow essential solutions for common cooperation by using all international and private sectors capacities, the supreme law enforcement official has emphasized.

I as the chief of I.R. of Iran police always have emphasized chief of cyber police of I.R. of Iran “brigadier general Hadianfar” to use all the capacities and capabilities of law enforcement in order to develop and strengthen regional and international cooperation, he said.

I hope with comprehensive efforts and cooperation, cyber police of countries, Interpol organization, EC3 and UNODC and private sectors we witness a secure and calm space for all law-abiding user in cyberspace, he said.

We hope this meeting to have operational and applicable achievements for participants and can led to make more cooperation and information sharing of heads of cyber police units through Memorandum of Understanding and treaty, brigadier general Ashtari added.

Today sympathy, correlation and kind relation of countries can tighten the arena for criminals and terrorists, chief of law enforcement said.

It should be say that the 6th Eurasian Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Units had been held in Eram Hotel of Tehran with the presence of supreme official of law enforcement and some foreign affairs ministry officials.


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