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13 May 2018

Mr. Takayuki Oku's speech in the opening ceremony of the 6th Eurasian Working Group Meeting on Cybercrime for Heads of Units

It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to speak in the opening ceremony of the 6th Eurasian Working Group Meeting on Cybercrime for Heads of Units. I am happy for the presence of Brigadier General Ashtari, Brigadier General Hadianfar and all colleagues and participants. I am active in the area of cybercrime since 1996 and it is about 20 years that I have the experience in this field. Cybercrime has a rapidly growing in global scale. Therefore we face malwares, ransomwares that are making computer and internet users as victims all over the world and thus they have effect on banking systems, financial, insurance, transportation sections, hospitals, electric network and even national infrastructures. Crimes in virtual environments transfer without any passport or visa and with high anonymity and by various technologies. We are not facing crimes in streets and criminal commit crimes in eBay and Amazon without being seen.

The question is that how we can combat these international crimes? I should say that international cooperation is the key note for police to investigate these crimes and arrest criminals. Although these criminal networks are small, but they are complicated. The note is that how much criminals can use from advanced technologies. We are interconnected internationally and 198 countries are connected to each other and police can have high potential of making a global image from cyber criminals.

Therefore the working group is a great opportunity for us to study the current situation of internet crimes and exchange our technical knowledge with each other and predict future trends. We can form some discussions about the related issues in the Asian and European countries.


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