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11 November 2018

Active Participation of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran in Operation PANGEA XI

The head of International and Legal Affairs Department in Cyber Police of I.R of Iran, Colonel Hosein Ramezani said: “Operation PANGEA is an international week of action tackling the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines and highlighting the dangers of buying medicines online.”

Interpol has realized the current challenges of the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines well and acts to do Operation PANGEA with the participation of cyber police of countries, he said.

In Operation PANGEA, effective measures are done to combat the payment gateways and internet service providers of online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines, he added.

There is no legal issue in Islamic Republic of Iran about this matter, so that cyber police of I.R of Iran has participated in this operation after it’s official activity since 2008 and it has had an effective performance In cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Health in totally previous 8 operations, he claimed.

He also said: “Cyber Police of I.R of Iran measures has led to effective prevention and combat this phenomenon that directly aims the health of people.”

The head of International and Legal Affairs Department in Cyber Police of I.R of Iran said: In the PANGEA XI operations this year, the Feta Police, with the cooperation of the police in different provinces, was able to observe more than 9,000 websites and links based on the internal and external website. Of these, 620 were blocked by orders from judicial authorities, and finally more than 700 people were identified and arrested, with more than 100,000 counterfeit and illegal drugs available to judicial authorities.

Colonel Ramezani said that the best performance of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran in the provinces is related to Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, West Azarbaijan, Fars and Hamedan. Of course, in the arrests, 75 percent of the criminals are male and 25 percent are women.

The law enforcers added that most of the criminals used the social networks of Instagram and Telegram as a proper venue for their criminal offenses, and promoted and sold counterfeit and illegal drugs.

For example, in one of the cases this year, people were promoting and selling hair loss prevention products as one of the prestigious brands, which after the observation and inquiry from the main manufacturer, found that the products were fake and Unauthorized.

Colonel Ramezani continued: with technical, expert, and investigative measures, and in coordination with the judicial authorities, the identity of the defendants was identified and a man and a woman were arrested along with a large amount of the drugs in question; after the investigation, it became clear that both of the discharged employees of a company Valid pharmaceuticals that were involved in the production and distribution of fake drugs with the original brand after being fired.

This law enforcement official added: "Many people on the social network have been deceived by the Telegram and have bought and used counterfeit and illegal drugs, which have caused serious damage to their health as well.

The head of International and Legal Affairs Department in Cyber Police of I.R of Iran said: "Overall, the presence of feta police in the PANGEA Operations since 2011 and the presence of eight operations by the police has monitored more than 80,000 websites and Internet links and more than 2,000 cases, leading to They identified and arrested 1,700 people and handed them to the judiciary."

"During this series of operations, cyber police of I.R of Iran has seized large quantities of counterfeit and illegal medicines and medical equipment, estimated at more than 120 billion rials, according to expert estimates," he added.

The head of International and Legal Affairs Department in Cyber Police of I.R of Iran said: "cyber police of I.R of Iran recommends to compatriots that they receive medical services from medical centers, clinicians, and validated hospitals and receive their pharmaceutical and medical needs from official pharmacies because the cycle Production and distribution of medicines in our entire world and in our country is a sensitive and full-fledged cycle, and therefore people do not pay attention to the deceptive advertising on the Internet and social networks or text messages to sustain financial losses and damage to their health."

Colonel Ramezani concluded: "Prosecutors and perpetrators also know that the cyber police of I.R of Iran, while participating in the PANGEA Games, will always monitor the cyberspace and narrow the arena to the perpetrators, and with full power against those who intend to threaten people's health."

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