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19 December 2018

Digital currency trading websites do not have legal authority

Brigadier General Seyyed Kamal Hadianfar said: “Today, some individuals and foreign companies are launching "Block Chain" technology to create "cryptocurrencies", and in online exchange centers which are also dominated by the United States and do not allow access to Iranian users, buy and sell things through units which are known as digital currency in Iran”.

Although cryptocurrencies are commonplace as an easy way to pay for expenses, online shopping, investing, trading, and transferring money between parties, it can also be an opportunity for some countries, but the freedom of the "currency code" network, especially " Bitcoin "means that they are not centralized and, in other words, they do not own it, and some of the news released to the people of the world say that there is no control and influence in this area ,he added by saying that “Block Chain” technology is useful in several areas like economy, financing, medical industries and so on.

The head of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran continued: It should be noted that this "password of currencies" is unsupervised, there is no sense in the lack of influence and control over these currencies, so that manipulating prices (creating very high fluctuations in the price of these currencies in exchange) And supporting the UN Security Council Sanctions List and OFAC sanctions, as well as boycotting Iranian users and cutting off their access by influential countries in this area, reflects the influence and control of the "cipher of currencies" and increased the risk of excessive activity Investment and speculation in the area of currency collapse.

Brigadier General Hadianfar added: Our dear people, private and public companies are watching apps, software, web sites, telegraph robots, phishing websites and emails, malware ads, browser extensions that some people Profits under various titles, such as extracting and receiving free bitcoins and freezers, etc., using infected malware, exploit computer systems and corporate servers to extract the password of the currencies, and do anything without knowledge and Do not download or use it.

He said: "In the area of storing and maintaining" currency codes "in exchange and wallets due to their lack of native and out of their availability for Iranian users, there is a possibility of fraud using tools and methods of unauthorized access.

He noted that active people in this area should be careful that xxinches (online forums, online exchanges) and wallets are the main bottlenecks for "cryptocrineurs", at any moment the possibility of fraud by them and the loss of capital Investors are conceivable.

The head of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran said that so far no specific mechanisms for "currency coding" have been set up in the country and are being scrutinized by the responsible authorities, "so far no licensing has been issued to any Internet site in this area.

Brigadier General Hadianfar stated: "Those who intend to work in this area must certainly enter this field with enough knowledge and knowledge and when buying a" password of currencies "from a person, they meet face to face and conduct the transaction in person.

He continued, "Websites, channels, and groups on social networks, in particular the social network of telegrams that are filtered in Iran, are now launched and operated without any authorization from any organization. They have not been issued for them so far, and even some websites are scammers, as well as surveys.

The head of Cyber Police of I.R of Iran continued: Dear people of our country, Some people in the channels and groups of social networks, and even Internet sites, have started registering individuals to buy and sell currency codes by obtaining identity documents. The same documents are abusive.

He noted that those who work in the field of selling currencies should pay attention to the fact that some people buy money using identity documents and bank cards of other people or even fraudulent ones.

"It's unclear what will happen," said the senior police officer, pointing out that the purchase of virtual money is like converting the people of the Rial into dollars and then receiving a few zero and one codes. These markets have been very fluctuating, and it has clearly been evident in recent months that bitcoin prices have fallen sharply and that investors in this area suffered heavy losses and lost their capital. The capital has also been withdrawn in foreign currency.

Brigadier General Hadianfar stated: "The government's opinion and position on the currency of the currencies is clear, and if there is a legal requirement to do so or a currency exchange facility, the central bank must monitor to ensure the citizens' capital, while the feta police Always in the area of handling and combating computer crimes along with our beloved people, so arranged with nobility over the issue with any fraud and abuse and does not allow the capital and security of the investment of people, some gamers will play abroad and inside the country.

At the end of the meeting, he asked the citizens to report the issue through the Feta Police Department at the following address:, in case of any criminal activity in cyberspace.

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