Operation Pangea VIII has been successfully done with the focus of Interpol and jointly by 115 countries and also with the powerful presence of FATA police as the representative of Islamic republic of Iran. Operation Pangea was started since 2008 in order to combat online selling and distributing illicit and fake drugs and illegal advertisement alongside selling drugs without production license with the participation of 8 countries which is done 7 times so far. The first participation of Iran in this joint operation was in Pangea V in 2011 after the official opening of cyber police of I.R of Iran which Iran have had an effective participation in this series of operations. Colonel Hossein Ramezani, the chief of international and legal affairs of cyber police of I.R of Iran announced the successful fulfilment of the eighth step of this operation. He added that this operation has finished successfully by the cooperation and support of NCB of Tehran, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Finance and Attorney General. The first participation of Iran’s police was in Pangea IV in 2011 after the official opening of cyber police of I.R of Iran which Iran have had an effective participation in this series of operations. According to the official report of Interpol, cyber police of I.R of Iran was ranked 17 among 113 countries. The achievements of the operation are as follows:

A) Seizure of several workshops for producing unsanitary products and illicit and fake drugs warehouses which were advertised and sold by criminals on the internet.

B) Seizure and destruction of several organized groups in advertising and selling online illicit and fakes drugs.

Colonel Hossein Ramezani added that according to the police investigations in all frauds taken place, the leader of group has attracted many customers through advertisement in websites and satellite channels under the pretext of selling herbal, weight loss, health, cosmetics and sport medicines in order to reach to its aims. The seizure of more than one ton of outdated vegetable oil, thousands of printed sheets of several medicines specifications and holograms to cover and pack provided medicines, more than 53 thousand of medicines including tablets, capsules, powders, ointments and illegal oil, herbal medicines and sports supplements to the monetary value of 5000000000 billion Rials. In the interrogations done, suspects clearly admitted that they produced, packed and sold seized illicit drugs without license of the Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Department. The chief of International and legal affairs of the cyber police of I.R of Iran explaned about the international aspects of this operation and said that totally 115 countries had participated in a global operation that led to arresting of 156 cases in the world and seizure of illicit drugs to the monetary value of 81 million dollars. Operation Pangea VIII was the greatest operation based on the internet with the focus of selling drugs and medicines equipment illegally and was done by the participation of 236 entities from legislator authorities of police, customs and health. Private sectors like internet and payment services also supported this operation which had a record of 20 million and 700 thousands in seizure of illegal and fake drugs- more than 2 times of seized amount in operation 2013.

This operation led to 429 investigations, suspension of 550 million online advertisements of illegal medicines and shutting down 2414 websites around the world. Colonel Hossein Ramezani knew the participation of cyber police of Iran in Operation Pangea as another sample of cooperation to make activities of criminals harder that hurt users.

Colonel Hossein Ramezani, the chief of international and legal affairs of the cyber police of I.R of Iran offered some recommendations for users and added that the cycle of production and distribution of medicine is managed with high delicacy and sensitivity by Ministry of Health and other related organizations all around the countries. Any distribution, advertisement, purchase and selling on the internet is illegal now in our country. Regarding the fact that the health of individuals is important for all sections especially cyber police of I.R of Iran, it is highly recommended that they provide their medical needs like prosthesis … through legitimate and legal places like pharmacies and authorized stores of the medical equipment distribution. Imposters and opportunists only think about their financial interests and they are never concerned about your health. Cyber police of I.R of Iran has always tried to its best to fight against these criminals in cyber space.

It is noticeable that in Operation Pangea VIII, 16348 website was monitored which 1439 cases were criminal. Also 632 cases were as internal websites among criminal ones.

Responsible organizations like the Ministry of Health, The Food and Drug Administration, Judiciary and other organizations cooperated and supported cyber police of I.R of Iran in order to raise quality and accelerate the process of operation and this support and cooperation in the operation is highly desirable and appreciated.